Samurai White

Samurai White is a Miami-born, RISD-trained, espresso-drinking, science-drawing, bicycle-chopping, meat-anihilating, Manowar-loving, insomniac sweatshop of awesome. She works in a variety of mediums, including digital illustration, acrylic paint, linocut printing, stained glass, polymer clay, and steel. She is best known for her Heavy Metal Nutcrackers, which received a lot of love in 2015 from BoingBoing, Nerdist, Dr. Lima, Metal Injection, and MetalSucks (to name a few). On the rare occasion that she’s not making awesome stuff with the Lotus Eaters Club, you can usually find her head banging at a metal show, high-fiving her dad for beating cancer, or squeezing her cat, Beef. 

Check out more Samurai White art at the following links: