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Kacie Rushton

A lover of artistic expression and craft since, well, birth, I bring my excitement for creative play and getting my hands dirty to nearly every conversation (whether you want to talk about it or not.) From cutting detailed original silhouettes by hand to building and upholstering furniture, no project is too ambitious when you've been raised with the optimism (or perhaps naivete) of a "we-can-figure-this-out" mentality that my parents instilled.

Influences on recent work include my education in fashion design, years of dance training in my youth, Busby Berkeley films, and antique images of dancers, acrobats, archers, divers, Ziegfeld follies, and other fierce women of history, which are meant to imbue a sense of both feminine and feminist strength.

When not creating, I enjoy spending time with my fur child Lucy, connecting with other artists and makers, running on the beltline, cooking, and dreaming up new projects.

Follow my creative journey on Instagram: @kaciemakes